Success stories

At Krodex we are continuously growing and improving. Our track record and more than two decades of experience in the supply sector is a reflection of our know how and the excellence of our service, which are endorsed by large international companies in the sector.


Specification of multi-gas dissolved gas monitors (DGA) in the power transformers of the hydro-electric complex of Tâmega (Portugal) owned by Iberdrola Generación.


Installation of 1 SPX Cooling Tower with 1 cell to replace 2 Cooling Towers with 2 cells each.


Optimisation of the management and diagnostic of EDP Distribución's transformer fleet.


Process improvement of the Repsol Escatrón Combined cycle as a result of replacing the isolation valves.


The Samca group increases the reliability of its thermoelectric and photovoltaic plants by installing DGA Calisto monitors.


Replacement of the internal TRIM of the Control Valves that were generating vibrations in the Systems that Supply water to the N.C. of Almaraz's Reactors.


Early detection of an emerging failure in a step-up transformer of the Besós Naturgy CC plant.


Installation of the Sergi TP anti-explosions system on two power transformers at the Heidelberg cement plant.


Replacement of the Steam Laminating Valves that control the Pressures and Temperatures of all the Steam that is being used at the olefin Plant for Repsol Petróleo Tarragona


Specification of dissolved gas (DGA) monitors in Viesgo Distribución transformers.


Installation of Fibre optics for directly measuring the temperature of Iberdrola's transformer coils.

Morgan Schaffer EDP

Monitoring of dissolved gases (DGA) in EDP Distribución transformers.


Installation of a hydrogen dryer in alternators 1 and 2 at the nuclear Plant of Ascó.


The Samca group increases the reliability of its wind farms by installing DGA Calisto monitors.


Renewal of the hydrogen management and monitoring system for the alternators at the nuclear Plant of Ascó.

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