Sergi Transformer Protector - Heidelberg Cement company

Installation of the Sergi TP anti-explosions system on two power transformers at the Heidelberg cement plant.


20MVA transformers supplying power to the production process.

The problem

One of these transformers had suffered an electrical arcing malfunction on the bushings that caused a fire, resulting in the transformer being out of service and causing damage to other assets that were located nearby. Faced with such a critical situation for a production plant, the customer came to us seeking a solution that would prevent any new economic or human loss from occurring in the future.

The solution

Based on an analysis of the situation and the customer's needs, we opted for installing an anti-explosion system manufactured by SERGI; a passive mechanical system that does not depend on sensors or electrical activation; instead, it is physically activated by the internal failure itself in a matter of 15-20 milliseconds to prevent damaging the transformer.

The results

The TP unit manufactured by Sergi and installed on both transformers effectively prevents and guarantees that a fire or explosion will not occur as a result of a new internal electrical failure. This unit also prevents damaging other adjacent assets as well as environmental pollution caused by tons of burning oil.

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