Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Viesgo Fleet

Specification of dissolved gas (DGA) monitors in Viesgo Distribución transformers.


Installation of on-line dissolved gas monitors in critical power transformers of the distribution grid.

The problem

The client is immersed in a large scope digitalisation project, where one of its objectives is to optimize its operating and maintenance processes. As a step towards reaching this objective, implementing online monitoring of its assets was essential.

The solution

The selection of Calisto 2 and Calisto 9 monitors for conducting online monitoring of the gasses dissolved in oil of its transformers was primarily based on Morgan Schaffer's experience as a leading manufacturer in this sector at an international scale. Advised by the University of Cantabria, they decided to specify the Calisto monitors based on unique technical characteristics such as oil conditioning, single-gas - multi-gas exchange and the accuracy provided by the equipment.

The results

After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the customer has verified the reliability and accuracy of the readings obtained, which has instilled confidence in the system and allowed them to free up resources in their operating and maintenance areas. The selection of these monitors in terms of the specification, guarantees that the next steps are taken in the right direction within the digitisation project they have undertaken.

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