At Krodex we are well aware that the impact of innovation in power generation and distribution is an essential aspect of the economic development of countries. Therefore, for over 27 years now, we have been providing efficient and innovative solutions to industries in the national and international energy sector.

Nuclear plants

The best advanced equipment for maintaining nuclear plants.

Combined cycles

Improves the efficiency in combined cycles and reduces costs in the long term.

Wind Energy

We work with the main wind energy developers and operators in Spain.


Optimisation of predictive maintenance at the main hydro-electric plants.


Preventive and corrective type innovative technology solutions for sustainable development.


We are the best guarantee for generating more energy at photovoltaic installations.


We try to achieve the maximum optimisation of the processes and performance at cogeneration plants.

Oil & Gas

We promote the safety and optimisation of industrial processes for logistics in the oil and gas industry.

Electrical transmission grid

We resolve deficiencies in the transmission grid to optimise distribution and supply.

Electrical distribution grid

We apply state of the art technology for monitoring and improving performance at distribution plants.

Engineering and EPC

Preventive, predictive and improvement type maintenance in the mechanical and electrical sector for engineering and EPC projects.


Technical advice and distribution of mechanical and electrical equipment for the industry.

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