Krodex Academy

Online training sessions directed at engineers and technicians involved in maintaining power transformers, generators and reactors. We offer a space where students can actively participate, discussing technical situations and voicing concerns and where they have the opportunity of engaging in discussions with the most renowned specialist in the energy sector.

Previous sessions

Humidity in power transformers

Humidity is an inherent problem in transformers that affects their service life

Calisto™ T1 - Monitoring Partial Discharges and the Condition of the Transformer Bushings

Faults in bushings and dielectrics (partial discharges) account for 58% of the serious failures that occur in a transformer.

Electrical protections: managing tests and databases

Centralises all the settings and data obtained from the tests in a single software.

Partial discharges in transformers

Basic concepts, analysis and monitoring.

Multi-gas DGA monitors

Technologies, costs and benefits comparative.

HotSpot vs. indirect monitoring

Comparative analysis of different types of monitoring

Talking with Mr. David Albright

Analysis and diagnostics of short-circuits in rotors with the president of Generatortech Inc.

Monitoring of the Temperature

Technical aspects and recommendations regarding direct monitoring systems.

Detection of short-circuits in the rotor

Measurement, monitoring and analysis of data for detecting short-circuits in the rotor.

Monitoring of transformers

Measuring the temperature of hot spots using fibre optics.

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Diagnostic and interpretation of transformer faults.

Terminals / Bushings

Types, Maintenance and Monitoring.

Quick degassing

Hydrogen cooled generators.

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