Morgan Schaffer Calistos DGA - Iberdrola Generación Giga-battery

Specification of multi-gas dissolved gas monitors (DGA) in the power transformers of the hydro-electric complex of Tâmega (Portugal) owned by Iberdrola Generación.


Installation of on-line multigas monitors of gas dissolved in oil for a quick diagnostic of any type of internal failure in critical power transformers from Daivões, Gouvães and Alto Tâmega.

The problem

With maintenance based on the condition as an objective and with the aim of decreasing the probability of a serious failure occurring in any of its assets, the customer decided to install multigas monitoring equipment in the main power transformers of the hydro-electric complex of Tâmega. Multigas monitors allow carrying out a prompt diagnostic of an emerging failure, allowing for quick maintenance actions to be carried out that would reduce the costs associated with this failure.

The solution

The Technical Specification listed a series of technical characteristics the chosen units were required to meet. Namely:

 modular design, gas chromatography or resistance to vacuum pressures or anomalous pressures. Calisto Multigas 901 by Morgan Schaffer perfectly meets all these characteristics in addition to having other features that are not mentioned in the TS, which will undoubtedly help conducting subsequent maintenance on the transformers (e.g. ratio measurement O2/N2 included in IEEE Std C57.104™-2019 and CIGRé TB#771).

The results

After the installation and commissioning of the equipment, the client has verified the reliability and accuracy of the readings obtained, which instils confidence in the system and allows them to free up resources in the operating and maintenance areas. The selection of these monitors in terms of the specification, guarantees that the next steps are taken in the right direction within the digitisation project they have undertaken.

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