Morgan Schaffer Inside View - EDP Distribución

Optimisation of the management and diagnostic of EDP Distribución's transformer fleet.


Managing of the fleet of transformers (approximately 300) of EDP Distribución's network.

The problem

Managing an extensive fleet of electrical assets generates a large amount of information that is difficult to manage and use, given the limitations in terms of the technical and human resources that are available. As a result of moving towards online monitoring of many of these assets, we can expect the amount of data to analyse to increase.

The solution

EDP Distribución opted for implementing the software application Inside View by Morgan Schaffer, which allows managing a large amount of highly technical information in a very simple and intuitive manner. This software also facilitates troubleshooting and makes recommendations based on the latest updates to the standards (IEC, IEEE, Cigré). This software is also compatible for use with the primary maintenance platforms (GMAO).


The results

With Inside View, the client automates the dumping of data from the monitors that are installed in the field. This software also allows external agents such as laboratories to input information directly. This implementation has allowed freeing up resources, given that the software selectively provides the necessary alerts and allows adapting the maintenance strategy to the recommendations provided by the system itself.

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