At Krodex we provide solutions in the industrial supply sector to help our customer’s businesses by satisfying their needs, meeting their expectations and building a future with a value that is sustainable for our society.

Mechanical solutions and equipment

Our mechanical equipment is characterised for offering reliability, efficiency and durability of water/steam processes. Additionally, the quality of our equipment is endorsed by the large number of systems installed as well as a worldwide list of references. Implementing our solution is a safe way of ensuring a proper maintenance is conducted on all types of installations.

Soluciones y equipos mecánicos

Solutions for transformers and substations

An unrivalled portfolio of solutions that are internationally renowned while ensuring maximum reliability is obtained. Preventive maintenance and on-line monitoring for conducting a proper risk management and optimising resources.

Soluciones para transformadores y subestaciones

Solutions for generators

At Krodex Power Solutions we offer the most innovative and efficient preventive maintenance solutions in addition to our extensive experience conducting corrective maintenance and on-line monitoring, with a special focus on generators.

Soluciones para generadores

Training and services

We offer a wide range of different training and services to our customers: 

 supervision of installations, commissioning, inspection of equipment, technical advice, etc. Please contact us for more information.


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