Environment One Corporation


Leaders in analysis and management of generator hydrogen

E One (USA) manufactures the most reliable and accurate auxiliary generator hydrogen systems on the market. Their exclusive GCM-X system and GGM panel increases the safety of personnel and installations.

GGA analysers and GGD dryers improve the efficiency and optimise the operating and maintenance processes.

  • Only system with early detection of hot spots (GCM-X).

  • Accuracy proven by more than 50 years of innovation.

  • Reliability:

 More than 3,000 system in service around the world.

  • Experience:

 more than 1,000 GW in over 70 countries.

  • Maximum durability and minimum maintenance.

  • Local technical support provided by certified personnel.

  • Specified of origin in GE generators.

  • Flexibility:

 design tailor-made for each installation.

  • Safety:

 prevention of events with a high human and economic impact.

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Installation of a hydrogen dryer in alternators 1 and 2 at the nuclear Plant of Ascó.


Eone Gas Station - Nuclear Plant of Ascó

Renewal of the hydrogen management and monitoring system for the alternators at the nuclear Plant of Ascó.

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