Multi-gas DGA monitors:

 technologies, costs and benefits comparative

Duration40 min.

In past webinars we have discussed the importance of Dissolved Gas Analysis in transformer oil.

Often times we have seen how a typical one year interval or even less between oil analyses at the laboratory is insufficient to detect the generation and/or evolution of a specific failure of the transformer tank.

For this reason, Morgan Schaffer decided to carry out a thorough monitoring of the key gases for diagnosing transformers.

First they suggested using Single-gas monitors and years later, they began using Multi-gas monitors to analyse all (or almost all) of the gases, which serves as a basis for their fault diagnostic tools.

Subjects of the session

  • Evolution of the monitoring.
  • Introduction to the different types of monitors (SINGLE-GAS vs. MULTI-GAS)
  • Measuring and extraction technologies of MULTI-GAS monitors.
  • Comparison of the different technologies. Selecting the correct monitor for each case.
  • CAPEX and OPEX analysis. Example and Case Study.

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